Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Iron Man 2 Sneak Preview

Thanks to ET we may have a look to the behind the scenes of Iron man 2 in this sneak preview clip:

Click on the picture to watch the set visit of Iron Man 2

That's a giant green screen! What kind of scene in Iron Man 2 may use it? Maybe one with Iron man flying all round?

Here's a new clip of Iron Man 2:

Pepper should have given a real kiss to Tony Stark aka Iron Man!


chinesefrankfurter said...

it's supposed to be the Monaco Grand Prix.. so, from a film production standpoint, they do not have the budget to film in Monaco - but will put in the sea, yachts and landmarks in later in post production..

Anonymous said...

anybody noticed ironman's chest plate during the fight scene with war machine? If not mistaken it's triangle instead of the circular one... meaning an update of the suit?