Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Iron man 2 Pics

Iron Man Tony StarkHere below a few pictures of Iron Man 2, the upcoming Iron Man movie sequel directed by Jon Favreau and starring Robert Downey Jr.:
(click on a picture to enlarge it.)

Tony Stark overseeing a model of his father's Stark ConventionJon Favreau talking to Don Cheadle and Downey on set of Ironman 2Pepper Potts
Iron Man 2 will hit theaters just one year from now, I am so impatient to watch this movie!


thunderchild said...

I am a 56 year old marvel fanatic Iron Man was my favorite My main comment is SLOW DOWN! I know the story telling is driven by Marketing. But Letting Tony Come Out in the killed a couple of interesting angles. Using the drinking to debilitate Tony as he goes around finding and destroying the weapons that have fallen into the wrong hands which gives Rodney
the need to step and help as War Machine shouls be enough for IM2
Let Mandrin somehow get the Iron Monger plans (spymaster)which can then Allow the Avengers to assemble for IM 3 or their own Movie. (sell that)
John Looking at the deleated scenes of the return Home and the Manufacturing scenes should have been left in. The Tech Details and banter Jarvis/H.O.M.E.R.
is great....DO NOT FAll INTO THE TRILOGY THING like Spiderman and X-Men. I will Stop Here

Anonymous said...

i really can't wait for the showing of Iron Man 2... it's a kind of movie that you really don't wanna miss..
Robert Downey Jr. really did well on the first IM...
actually im a fan of him :)

The concept of this Iron Man is different from other superhero films... it's realy amazing..

:) I'll be waiting for it. keep up!! :)

Anonymous said...

i wasnt an iron man fan as a child, loved superheros and cartoons never irn man until i saw the movie, i was blown away!! great movie my new favorite superhero. Its really great only being 24 growing up with cartoons and now the cool movies they make its full circle

Quishenta Joans said...

Black Widow- nuff said