Thursday, June 5, 2008

Iron Man 2 in April 2010

Iron Man 2Emboldened by the recent success of the first Iron Man directed by Jon Favreau and starring Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark / Iron Man, Marvel has given its green light to a second Iron Man movie (there are even talks about making a third movie).

Iron Man should reprise most of the initial cast, Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard (update: replaced by Don Cheadle) and Gwyneth Paltrow, under the direction of Jon Favreau. The Iron Man sequel is slated for an release at the end of April 2010.

No official synopsis has been unveiled yet. But some tracks are likely for Iron Man 2:

- a first job with Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) in a struggle against some evil mastermind, before getting more involved in the Avengers initiative in an other movie: indeed, if you waited for the end credits of Iron Man you may have seen Nick Fury making an offer to Iron Man.

- the Mandarin: he is Iron Man's nemesis and the leader of Ten Rings, the secret organization we've already had a glimpse of in the first Iron Movie (The Afghan terrorist was indeed wearing the ring of the evil group).

- Demon in a bottle: in the comic book Tony Stark vainly strives to cope with his guiltness of selling weapons in the past and is depressed after loosing Pepper Potts who fell in love with an other man. So Iron Man 2 could dwell on this darker side of Marvel's superhero.But it may not be attractive enough for the marketing team... Besides Jon Favreau would have asserted that such a theme has already be done in Hancock.

- War Machine: In Iron Man 2, Don Cheadle (who is replacing Terrence Howard because the guy was to greedy for Marvel), in the role of Jim Rhodes Tony Stark's friend and pilot, may get a wider role as War Machine, giving a hand to a temporarily weakened Iron Man.

Mostly speculations for now but details about the plot of Iron Man 2 should leak out in a not too distant future. But maybe you have a suggestion to Marvel and Jon Favreau about Iron Man 2?


Anonymous said...

All this sounds great but you implied in the Hulk that Ironman would bw joining Thunderbolt Ross in tracking him down, that should be the third movie with the Master and the Abomination making appearances too.

Anonymous said...

Its very good, but you should snoop around before you actually say whats going on. 'In October 2008, The Hollywood Reporter stated Don Cheadle would replace Terrence Howard. The trade journal explained many reasons, including Howard's salary, resulted in him dropping out.' It states that Don will take Terrence place, much to mine and hopefully everyones disapointment. Info from wikipedia -
Other than that, not bad.

Iron Man 2 said...

To The Sacred Moonlight:

- you are right, Don Cheadle is indeed the new Jim Rhodes (possibly War Machine), but this post you're commenting on dates back to June 2008

And Terrence Howard was still supposed to reprise his role at the time. :)

Did not have time to update here yet, but I published the news a while ago at

--> Iron Man 2 Don Cheadle As Jim Rhodes War machine Instead of Terrence Howard

Shall update this blog by tomorrow: promise!

To Anonymous:

Iron man joining Thunderbolt could be in The Avengers movie actually. Heard that the Hulk would be the villain of the upcoming Avengers movie. Nothing official yet though, so all can change.

mattysly said...

I think that besides iron man and war machine, that we should include another superheo into this epic. Almost like creating the story to develope into a justice league. I would like to see outerspace beings enter the plot like the fantastic 4 did. League of extrordinary gentlemen also succesfully brought in several different characters. I think the anticipation of wanting to see just who is going to show up next both villian and super hero alike will bring thousands in just to see how well they are portrayed.

As far as story lines I would love to contribute, both screen play and scene settings in the future.

Anonymous said...

Don Cheadle is not the one for the role of JIm Rhodes, I really did'nt think the first actor was even in the ball park.Jim is a physical speciman and much more charismatic than what has been presented.The movie was great, but really just missed the mark I have been an iron man fan for many years I'm now in my forties and I don't fit the bill as a nerd.I love action movies and this is just my thought, beef up the JIm Rhodes to complement the hero Tony Stark.Robert Downey is perfect and does the charater justice. Just something to think about.

Anonymous said...

i think that iron man should not only use his chest blast or hand beams but i remember him in the comics having a big beam cannon if he has a big enemy and his life source is out like the previous iron man he should whip that bad boy out and just blast em' i think that would be a very breath taking scene to see but other than that I'm definatley waiting to see this excellent film being shown can't wait!!!

Anonymous said...

They need to have extremis some time.that one is my favorite iron man and I think it would convert to a movie really well

Anonymous said...

The techno stuff is always fun to watch, in a way its Tony's own pushing for 'the better tool' that seems to lead him deeper into his stolen tech problems; I'm sure you'll have suite tweaks toward a v2.0 to meet the end threat. Good bet that BW is a tech leak, huh? Anti-Hulk WM leak? But truthfully I want to see Tony's character evolve. There is the man and the machine. We've just begun to see Tony's character and moral/hero struggle. His life style and the 'Demon in the bottle' is a must. But in the end its Tony the man who is the Man of Iron. Explore the darkside ... quilt, trust, choice, will. Oh yeah, keep the humor it too, perhaps in the begining and the end, I really enjoyed this part of Tony in IM1. Mr Downey really brings multiple facets to Tony.

Clarke said...

Ironman should have more to take care of than just the inevitable super villan , Maybe public eye appeal like kidnappers , bank robbers , natural dissasters ect ect . Just to give Tony Stark a focus other than his own problems and build him up in the public's eye which is what we really need these days with so much bad in the world.

gbc said...

Dont bring to many heroes or villans into it.Remember X-Men 3?To many to keep track of.Stay focused on just a couple.Thats why the first Iron Man was so great.And do make it a little darker.Iron Man is suppose to be ruthless.Let's see what he's made of.

Unknown said...

I am sorry to hear about Terrence being dropped from the file; however with that being said, I feel that he showed his true objective at hand rather than his on-screen statement about wanting to be a "black superhero". I wish Don all the best, and look forward to him lifting the role to a new level in Iron Man 2.

One suggestion or speculation I would like to see in the film is that of the development of Happy Hogan in part 2. Jon always has a knack for such characters, and I would love for him to see more screen time since Hogan was such an intricate part of Tonys life.

Cheers to the cast and director, Jon, Robert, have all the respect in the world from me for making such a fine example of what a comic to film transition could be.

"To peace!" - Tony Stark


Anonymous said...

Ironman 2 will definitely be a major hit and i hope wit any luck terrence howard will reprise his role as col James Rhodes cause Don Cheadle does not really suit the part........Jon Favreau should direct the upcomin Avengers movie and Thor movie.